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My Kandy Is Better than YOURS

But, it's still yummi!

1/18/05 12:16 am - disdain_lust


tell them you heard it from hit_by_stars!

[[I don't get anything for it.. I just like feeling known lol]]

1/1/05 10:17 pm - xkandyravenplur

if anyone has AIM, IM me @ redbeadsx . I'm usually always on. So, IM me and stuff. yeah ^_^ you can post your screennames/usernames on here if you want *_*

<3 raven

1/1/05 03:59 am - disdain_lust

I didn't know I was a member O.o

I love this community.. I have a bracelet *store* since I have no more room for my bracelets.. or atleast a few of them :x

I dunno why I've been dropping out of my obsession.. probably because I had a great pattern at the end of my 9th grade year, and I lost it >_< I loved that bracelet wearing pattern. blah. now I have a shoe box for 'regular wear' 'leather' 'jellies' 'kandi' & etc..

yay for huge Volitale shoes & their shoeboxes!

12/29/04 05:12 pm - tearsofapathy

Well  i finally  got off my ass and took better pictures of my Kandi lol so here ya go


Kandi weeeeCollapse )

12/27/04 07:27 pm - tearsofapathy

Hahaha  i finally found a way to take pictures of my kandi , I scanned my arms lol, but i got a new cam for x mas so i will have some  better ones soon


PLURKCollapse )

12/14/04 09:27 pm - romantic_jade - My Kandi and bad lighting

Well I took some pictures of my kandi, but the lighting was very bad and done with a low quality webcam, but here it is anyways.

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12/1/04 04:08 am - synunoi - [so...]

How do we know if we've been accepted or not?

Sorry to hear about your account problems miss moderator!


11/30/04 08:52 pm - shadesofsummer - are you happy now?

Hi. I'm Kathy... and I want to be your president.. just kidding. I am new here and lovin' it up already.
Pictures of my favorite kandy. ^_^

My favorite kandiCollapse )

11/30/04 10:36 am - kandycolorwhore - MOD

grrr.... somebody on livejournal keeps reporting me as spam and it's pissing me off! so, anyway, LJ deleted my fucking account. so, I added all of you back. this is my new name, kandyravenplur


11/29/04 01:48 am - synunoi - [that jealousyyyyyyy between you and meeee]

Bwahahaha... fear the DOOM of my kandi ;)

kandi anyone?Collapse )

In all the pictures where r1ch1e is featured... he's wearing my kandi ;)
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